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Thank you for visiting my website.  :)  I am Melinda Conway and live in Milwaukie, Oregon.  I currently homeschool my three children.  I have had a few career paths: a teacher, counselor, and foremost a mother.  I also like to go for walks in the forest, write,  knit, and occasionally garden. 

Are we a good fit?

I am a creative nature and lifestyle  photographer.  I capture emotion and story with people and nature. I invest in my clients giving them the best of my time and attention.  I put all of myself into my work  capturing the moments, the stories, and the emotions. Then I process each image by hand  to bring out the best features of that moment.   Look at my portfolio make sure you like the style I shoot and process.

What I would like from my clients.  Timely and  Good communication.  Adequate notice. Trust. Being able to relax and be yourself for our session.  Pay due at the time of the session. Weddings and Events require a retainer fee to hold the date. 

More to Consider:

I have  been featured on Lensbaby Love Photographer of the Month for June 2016., and some of my images may soon appear on the Lensbaby website. I have been recently experimenting with art/creative and Russian/German vintage lenses.  When I have free reign with a camera I tend to go for ethereal, airy, contrasty, or dark.  I like to push to the limits of what I can do or the emotion I would like to convey.

I love to photograph just about everything- people, flowers, mountains, old barns, you name it. I also experiment with processing from Infrared, HDR, astronomy, brenzier,  and artistic presets.   I often  photograph for myself, my need to create, for my family, for art, so my skill set often involves simply photographing life as it occurs in its beauty and in the raw. My five year old is a moving target so I have quite a bit of experience capturing motion and emotion from her lead.  

I love to capture people, families,  and relationships stories.

What I do during a session is carefully scope out the lighting in the setting, the colors, and often try to "steal" as many natural moments as possible, listening to what you want, and also guiding you into creative ideas as they occur.  I also have modest backdrops and lighting, so I can also set up more controlled settings.  

After the session, I spend quite a bit of time on each photograph sorting through to find the gems, also taking care to process each image to bring out its best, your best, with care with both artistic elements and technical elements of the image through lightroom and photoshop.

 My images are shot in RAW 24 megabites format which is like a negative that needs to be developed rather than having the camera algorithms decide.    It takes time, and my equipment costs money, the website you can buy prints from costs money, software, equipment cleaning and upkeep, and in order to keep afloat with creating quality images, it needs to be supported with a reasonable fee. (My kids will be in college before I know it!)  If, however, you are a student, are supporting yourself on a minimal wage, or have special circumstances, I will offer a sliding scale.

If you are interested in being photographed, check out my portfolio to see the style in which I photograph, and if you like the images you see and this style, you may contact me at rubyheart19@gmail.com

Currently I will photograph:

Family or Newborn with Family:  Packages start at $250 photographing fee due time of session.  A 1- 2 hour session including consultation by phone or email beforehand to discuss wishes.  10-30 edited images  with digital printing rights.

Individual or Couple:  

Packages start at $150 photographing fee due at the time of the session. One hour session with phone or email consult beforehand to discuss wishes.  I will release 10-15 edited  images with digital printing rights.

Headshot Mini Session:

Packages start at $50 for 2 images.

Homeschool/preschool multiple child shots: 

$20 per child for one digital image.


Packages start at $500-1000 for the day due one day before the wedding.    $100 retainer fee due two weeks in advance to hold the date which will be deducted from final bill.  Included is a consultation beforehand in person to discuss wishes and locations.                          A second shooter would cost more depending on his/her fees.

Engagement Party-

Packages start at $150-200 for Engagement session.  Includes in person consult and 50-100 digital images.

Wedding Package:

Wedding, Engagement Party, and Romantic Couple Session Discount:  15% off if booking all 3 sessions.  


$80 an hour with minimum of 2 hours.  Email or in person consultation on wishes included. Photo Processing Fee based on how many images needed. $150 per 100 images for photo releases.  Distance Reimbursement if driving more than 20 miles is involved. 

Education:  I will tutor a beginning photographer on the basics of manual use of a camera or beginning use of Lightroom or Photoshop for $50/hour. Minimum 2 hours.

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